Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) Testing

Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) Testing

NORM is  found in following Industries:

  • Mining and processing of uranium ore
  • Extraction of rare earth elements;
  • Production and use of thorium and its compounds;
  • Production of niobium and ferro‑niobium;
  • Mining of ores other than uranium ore; 
  • Production of oil and gas;
  • The zircon and zirconia industries;
  • Manufacture of titanium dioxide pigment; 
  • The phosphate industry;
  • Production of tin, copper, aluminium, zinc, lead, iron and steel; 
  • Combustion of coal; 
  • Water treatment.


NORM Testing
NORM Testing
NORM Testing


  • Building Industry should check material used like fly ash , cement, gypsum, ceramic tiles etc.
  • Fertlizer Industry : Analysis of RockPhosphate and Phosphogypsum for U-238 and Ra- 226 at Import and after  use at the time of disposal.


  • Sample analysis ( Gamma Ray Spectrometry)  in lab using HPGe spectrometer.
  • Sample transport
  • Regulatory compliance
INDIA REGULATION: AERB : The guidelines are attached for industries where NORM is present.

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