EQ LOCA(Loss Of Coolant Accident)Qualification Test.

EQ LOCA(Loss Of Coolant Accident)Qualification Test

Harsh Environment : Produced by an RCS LOCA or pipe breaks in other plant fluid systems. Accidents, such as certain LOCAs, resulting in significant reactor core damage can produce high levels of radiation combined with high temperature, pressure and steam conditions inside primary containment.

 HELB is the term used to describe pipe breaks in non-RCS systems that can produce high temperature, pressure and steam conditions in various NPP areas. The conditions associated with a HELB occurring inside containment are generally contained within the containment.

The conditions resulting from a HELB occurring outside the containment often involve several, but not all, outside containment rooms/areas.These conditions become less severe for rooms/areas further removed from the break location. 


Since LOCA and HELB environmental conditions are confined to certain plant areas, they do not directly affect all safety equipment.


 Mild Environment :NPP locations which experience the effects of seismic events but whose environmental conditions do not significantly change as a result of a PIE.




Qualification Methods Of LOCA Test
Qualification Methods Of LOCA Test
Qualification Methods Of LOCA Test

It is common to get safety class equipment tested for LOCA test which include:

  • - Radiation Test
  • -Steam, temperature and pressure
  • - Harsh conditions
Qualification methods: 


  • Test, analysis, operating experience and combinations of these methods may be applied in a variety of ways to establish qualification


  • Qualification by type testing refers to a series of tests subjecting equipment test samples to limiting environmental and operational conditions, with appropriate margin, while required performance is verified. Type testing is generally considered the preferred qualification method.


  • Analysis is often used to extrapolate existing qualification results to address changes in equipment or material design, performance requirements, installations or factors not fully considered by other qualification information. Analysis is used to justify type testing of a few equipment items to represent an entire equipment family.

Operating experience:

  • Operating experience has historically been considered of limited usefulness for qualification to harsh environmental and seismic conditions. The limitation was due to inadequate data and records on equipment performance during such severe service conditions. 

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