Foods stuffs And Drinking Water

INDIA REGULATION:As per AERB guidelines::

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is an intergovernmental body established by the FAO Conference (1961) and the World Health Assembly (1963) to implement the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme.

he main objective of the Commission is to protect the health of consumers and to ensure fair practices in the food trade by setting international standards and other related texts (e.g. guidelines, codes of practice, principles, etc.). These are developed for voluntary application by governments.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is specifically mentioned in the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of the World Trade Organization (WTO/SPS Agreement) as the relevant international organization for establishing

Gamma radiation test in food Products
Gamma radiation test in food Products
Gamma radiation test in food Products

international food safety standards.

  • The Codex guideline levels relating to foods destined for human consumption and traded internationally were originally developed for the first year following a nuclear or radiological emergency. In 1991 the Codex Alimentarius Commission decided that the applicable time span should be extended for an indefinite period following an emergency.
  • The FAO works in partnership with the IAEA and other United Nation Agencies through the Joint FAO/IAEA Division on Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture (Vienna) in preparing for and responding to nuclear or radiological emergencies affecting food, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

INDIA REGULATION:As per AERB guidelines:

  • TThe important radioactivity measurements that are carried out in the context of trade of commodities are for gross alpha, gross beta and 137Cs content.

For Drinking Water Samples

  • The methods given in the IS 14194 (Part I & II), 1994 shall be followed for the measurement of gross beta and gross alpha activities in the drinking water samples. The results should be expressed as Bq/l with uncertainty (1 s).

For Food Items

  • Powdered and homogenised dry sample may be filled in a suitable pre-weighed geometry like plastic bottles, Marinelli beakers or any other container designed specifically for the purpose and subjected to gamma ray spectrometry using NaI(Tl) or HPGe. The weight of the sample transferred in that particular geometry should be noted. The system should be calibrated with certified standard source in similar matrix and similar geometry. 137Cs activity in the samples should be expressed in Bq/kg.