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Foods stuffs And Drinking Water
Radiation detection in metal scrap and steel
environmental samples
Loca test in india
Norm Testing

Our Mission

To provide platform for customer and Laboratory seeking to solve testing and calibration of ionizing radiation measurement.

Our Vison

To be one stop solution for radiation based products & services.

We at try2test have created an ecosystem of testing labs. These labs provide services to their customers who are looking to detect unwanted presence of radioactive contamination in the samples. These labs receive samples which require needs to be analysed on gamma spectroscopy system. Gamma Spectroscopy can be achieved by NaI detector or HPGe detector system. Our logistic solution and complete customer relationship management for radiochemistry labs ensure that all exporters in food and drinking water sector get upto date access about regulatory issues in six countries in middle east , India and Bangladesh. Scrap importers must use pre-shipment agencies to get radiation free certificate before importing metallic scrap to India. we help PSIC agency and importers to remain updated with radiation technology and regulation. We provide complete technical support to these customers when they procure these lab instruments. We help hospitals and X-ray labs to get AERB certified labs complete quality control and quality assurance test so that their facility is approved.

Our Services

Radiation Free Certificate

Foodsstuffs And Drinking Water

All export consignment like Milk, Honey , Sea Food & other Commodities need to be radiation free or within limits to get "radiation free certificate".

radiation survey meter

Metal Scrap And Steel

Testing Radioactivity of cast steel, slag and fume dust samples. Metal Scarp is monitored by had held radiation survey meter or radionuclide identifier for orphan radioactive sources.

Alpha Spectrometry and Liquid Scintillation Counting

Environmental Samples

Alpha Spectrometry and Liquid Scintillation Counting. Determination of 90Sr, 241Am and Pu radioisotopes in environmental samples. such as soil, sediment, air filter and vegetation samples.

EQ LOCA Qualification Test

EQ LOCA(Loss Of Coolant Accident)Qualification Test.

Motors , Pumps, Cables, Transmitters etc. All electrical and electronic components used in containment area of nuclear reactor must undergo LOCA test.

Radiation monitoring instruments Calibration

RMI Calibration

Radiation monitoring instruments Calibration Radiation monitoring instruments are used both for area monitoring and for individual monitoring.

NORM Testing  India

Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) Testing

Long-lived radioactive elements such as uranium, thorium and potassium and any of their decay products, such as radium and radon are examples of NORM.

About Us

There is increasing use of ionizing radiation in our daily life. We come face to face with various products and services which we use as consumer either in personal or professional capacity. We aim to solve issues relating testing of ionizing radiation in food, water, ceramic implants sediments, pharmaceutical products and steel products.

We aim to provide one stop solution to customers looking to get their samples tested in certified labs in India.

If you are looking to get detailed information on sample preparation, costing, testing time, procedure and labs in your region we will provide you relevant information.

There is increasing emphasis on getting industrial products like motors, pumps, cables and electronic transmitters etc. certified for used in radiation environment. These products need to get tested in harsh environmental conditions to be used in nuclear power plants. These are LOCA test and environmental qualification test. We help customers to get documents prepared for these test and to locate suitable lab in India and abroad.

We are independent third party solution provider and our aim is to remain neutral information provider to our customers.

Why Try2test?

For Labs:

  • Wider & Effective Marketing
  • New Markets
  • Sample Management
  • Instrument Selection
  • Local Regulation & Approval Knowledge

For Customers:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Wider Choice of testing Labs
  • Quick Sample Processing
  • Knowledge of Export Markets
  • Handling Local Regulatory Requirements